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DIY Move or Hire Professionals?

Whether to embark on a DIY move or hire professionals is a common dilemma many individuals and families encounter. Read on as we weigh both options under different parameters and why you should hire professionals over DIY-ing.

Cost savings

DIY: DIY seems to be the better budget-friendly option, as you will save on labor. However, truck renting, purchasing supplies, and fuelling costs more than you think. Add unforeseen expenses, and you may spend more, especially if you're moving tons of items to a great distance. There may also be damage to your belongings during the move.

Professionals: It may seem more expensive at first glance, but hiring professionals may end up being the better cost-effective choice. A reliable mover will handle everything with efficiency, saving you more money. Plus, you'll avoid unexpected expenses and have more time for other productive things.

Physical strain

DIY: Moving can be physically demanding, and DIY-ing means you'll need to do most of the heavy lifting yourself. This can be challenging, especially if you have large items or limited help. If you're not moving a lot of items and are in good physical shape, DIY may be an option.

Professionals: If there are heavy items involved, you need professional movers. By employing professional movers, you make your move stress-free and get to focus your attention on other important matters.

Planning, efficiency, and logistics

DIY: Coordinating a DIY move, including renting and packing a moving truck, obtaining packing supplies, and organizing everything, can quickly descend into chaos if you're not careful. If you have the experience and time to create a comprehensive plan, you can DIY.

Professionals: On the other hand, a moving company has the expertise to handle any challenges that may arise during the process and can help you if your schedule doesn't allow for enough time to plan the move.


DIY: Moving without professional help can be time consuming. You'll spend more time coordinating a move on your own. Plus, your daily routine may be disrupted as you try to plan and execute the move.

Professionals: If you're on a tight schedule or have other activities that take up a chunk of your schedule, professional movers are the best option. Your move is also likely to be quicker, allowing you to settle into your new home sooner.

Safety, inexperience, and liability

DIY: Without expertise, experience, and the appropriate equipment, you could seriously injure yourself and any friends or family helping out. There can also be damage to your possessions during transit. If things go wrong when you DIY, you'll have to bear the full cost for any damages.

Professionals: Professional movers are trained in packing, moving, and safely lifting heavy objects. Also, on the off chance that something is damaged during your move, you can place a claim with your moving company for repair or replacement. A reputable moving company has a carrier liability to cover damages and losses.

You should only consider DIY-ing if:

  • You have plenty of help from friends and family

  • You're only moving a short distance

  • You're moving a few items

  • You have the time to plan adequately

Hire Colorado's best moving company today

When it comes to a DIY move or hiring professionals, the decision ultimately rests in your hands. However, professional movers offer safety, experience, planning, insurance, time-savings, reduced physical strain, and efficiency.

At Klatt Moving, we understand that every move is as important as the people handling it. Our experienced team is ready to make your move seamless. Get a free quote.


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