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Don’t Hurt Yourself - Tips for Moving Large Items

Almost everyone owns a heavy home item or two. It could be your furniture or other large home appliances. If you do, and you are looking at moving from your current house to a new one, you have to brace yourself for the impending tedious task.

Unless you are a professional mover, the possibility of damaging your items or even getting injured while moving these large items is almost inevitable. This article will discuss tips for moving large items to avoid hurting yourself.

Be smart when creating a plan

Moving large and heavy items goes beyond muscles and physical strength. Ensure to create a plan and be smart about it before you lift a finger. Take time to think through every process, measure the items you need to move and the doors to know if they can pass through them easily.

Dismantle parts that can be detached

Removing all the attached parts is the best way to move detachable large and heavy items easily. Don’t move items like desks with drawers with all the contents still intact. However, if the drawers you need to move can’t be detached, tape them shut to stop them from opening when moving.

Use proper equipment

When moving large items, always ensure to use the right kind of equipment to ease the process. For example, dollies are very useful in moving your heavy furniture, making it lighter and easier to move around because of their wheels. Some other equipment you can use are stair rollers, lifting straps, and plastic gliders.

Protect your items

When moving items, especially large ones, accidents are likely to occur. Some of these accidents stem from slamming equipment against a wall, scratching them, or mistakenly dropping them.

Therefore, it is essential to use protective covers like blankets, moving pads, or bubble wrap to protect your items. Ensure they are properly fitted to avoid slipping off the items you protect. Also, ensure that every part of the item is covered and not left exposed to avoid getting scratched while moving them around.

Push instead of pull

Pushing a piece of furniture is the best way to move them around, as doing that would reduce the amount of strain and pressure on your arms and back. Pulling requires you to exert yourself more than necessary. Ensure to put rugs or pads under the furniture to avoid scratching the floor and ease the pushing process.

Hire a professional mover

To guarantee a successful move to your new home, the best thing to do is to hire a professional moving company. Here at Klatt Moving & Storage, we know the tricks of the trade and have ample experience and specialized tools and equipment to safely move large items of all kinds. Don’t hurt yourself lifting bulky pieces yourself. Let’s do the heavy lifting for you. Tell us more about the move by requesting a quote today.


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