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Tips for Moving in December

December is one of the trickiest periods of the year to move. There's a lot to consider with the hustle and bustle of the festive period, coupled with freezing temperatures and bad weather.

If you have to move in December, you have to be prepared. You must know what to expect and how to navigate the issues peculiar to moving during this period.

Keep an eye on the weather

Although it’s wise to plan and manage your move as far ahead as possible, December weather can be highly unpredictable and may require sudden precautions. So, you should check out the weather forecast for the duration of the move.

Remember that a sudden blizzard can force you to change your plans, so ensure everyone involved is on the same page and can effect a backup plan when required.

Clear the walkways and driveway

Regardless of the time of year you move, having a clear path into and out of your current and new homes makes moving much safer and less stressful.

You can also visit the new place before you move in to note any potential hazards on the walkway or driveway and clear away slush, snow, and ice that could cause slippery conditions. Repeat the same activity at your current home.

Keep winter gear close at hand

While packing your things ahead of the move, ensure that winter clothing and other gear are close at hand. You may be exposed to chilly temperatures over the move day, so wear layers of warm clothing to take off and have other gear close at hand if the weather worsens.

Don’t move late in the day

As the year draws close to an end, the daylight hours steadily reduce, which peaks around December.

With the sun setting earlier than usual, there’s less time to carry out many tasks that would quickly be accomplished in the daytime. The wisest course is to move as early as possible in the day to make the best use of the limited daylight.

Check the utilities

With the chill in the air, you want to ensure that the heating system in the new place works efficiently before moving in, so be sure to double-check this.

You may often encounter such issues, especially if the new place has been uninhabited for a long while. You can call a local plumber, electrician, or handyman to ensure everything works to help you settle in faster.

Plan your move the right way

Taking the proper steps and planning can take off much of the burden of a move in December. Because of the weather, it’s doubly essential that everything is done correctly and you have a backup plan.

The best solution to a smooth move is to enlist the services of a moving company to help you with the heavy lifting and provide experienced guidance to see you through the worst of it. Contact us, and let’s get you to your new space this holiday season.


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