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House Packing Tips

You probably won’t realize how much stuff you own until it is time to pack when preparing to move. Moving may sound exciting, but it is not easy to prepare for.

Whether you plan on doing it yourself or using a reliable moving service like ours, it’s essential that you get certain things right before the big day comes. This article has tips to help pack your stuff efficiently and avoid last-minute rush and unbearable stress.

Pack well in advance

Many people wait until a week to move before packing. Ideally, you should begin packing gradually, months before you eventually move. Not giving yourself enough time to pack may result in making many errors or having too much to handle by the time the big day comes, especially in light of time constraints.

Start with items and rooms you don’t use often

Always start with the items you don’t use very often. For instance, seasonal items such as Christmas trees and lights, gardening tools, and coats are perfect examples of things you don’t use daily and often.

Make a detailed inventory list

Inventory lists are beneficial when dealing with an extensive collection of stuff to pack. It helps you know what is contained in each box you pack.

Making an inventory list with specific details like book collections and kitchen or other items according to the rooms you packed them from would help you keep track of everything packed. You can print the list and keep a copy on your phone for reference purposes when you unpack.

Pack one room at a time

Packing according to the items in a room is very important and makes your work easier, especially when you need to unpack. Getting boxes packed and labeled according to each room in your home helps you unpack properly, so there won’t be a mix-up about what goes where.

Use plastic bags for items that can spill

When packing household items like toiletries and some other items that may spill, always unscrew the caps, cover the neck with a plastic bag, and then screw it back on tightly. Put them in a plastic bag and tie them before packing them in a box. That way, when the bottles accidentally open and spill, the spillage remains in the plastic bag.

Declutter and donate

As you pack, you’ll discover things you don’t need anymore or use as often. Some of these items may be clothes or shoes your kids have outgrown. You can hold a garage sale to sell them off or donate them to charity.

Do you need help packing and moving your items to your new place? Klatt Moving & Storage is a highly reliable and trustworthy moving service. We’re a team of experienced, hardworking, and friendly professionals dedicated to providing satisfactory services. Contact us today.


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