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5 Tips for Less Stressful Moving

The excitement begins to build when you’re finally ready to move to a new apartment or home.

Perhaps, you’ve been on the search for a while and have only just landed the home of your dreams. Congratulations!

As the packing begins, the emotional pressure intensifies, and it’s easy to forget important things and become disorganized.

There’s plenty of work to do, and the slow realization of the daunting work is often enough to dull the excitement.

How do you handle it? And, how do you make the entire moving process less stressful?

Here are some tips to make things easy for you:

Be mentally prepared

The emotional stress is there, and you’re probably struggling to deal with it.

By mentally preparing yourself for the task ahead and accepting what is to come, you’ll be able to cope better with the demands and requirements.

Make a detailed plan

Adequate planning is one sure way to get ahead of the stress and help you to stay organized before everything gets underway.

This will ensure you have enough time to cater to the little details like reserving rental trucks and hiring movers.

Document the essentials, and create a timeline for moving that considers all the critical and tiny factors in order of their priority so you don’t miss out on anything.

The checklist will help you keep track of your daily to-dos and is best done digitally, i.e., via mobile devices.

Use labels

Packing can be a stressful and confusing activity, and it’s easy to get stuff mixed up.

Before you begin this task, ensure to set up a labeling system to help sort out different categories of belongings and valuables.

The labels can be number or color-coded, helping the visual organization and speeding up the process by eliminating the time you’d have wasted double-checking the type of each item and where it should go.

As part of the labels, include descriptive information on the boxes so you can better sort them out later.

You can also use transparent storage containers to make the contents more visible from the outside.

Focus on one room at a time

A common error many people make when moving is trying to do everything at once, specifically doing the packing across several rooms simultaneously. This is overwhelming, and the resulting loss of focus can result in errors.

The best way to do this is to do a single room at a time. Little drops of water make up the mighty ocean, and packing and moving are no exception to this logic.

By packing each room at a time, you’ll reduce stress and improve overall efficiency.

Hire a professional moving service

If you haven’t considered this option, then you should.

A professional moving service will help with heavy lifting, efficient packing, and choice advice to make the process much less stressful.

Ensure that you’re getting a reputable company to do the task, and there are fewer better professionals than Klatt Moving and Storage. Get a quote for free today.


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