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Tips For Packing a Moving Truck

Are you completely clueless about how to pack a moving truck? Well, you have come to the right place.

Knowing how to pack a moving truck properly will save you a lot of stress. You will also be able to maximize the space in a moving truck, so you may not need to make as many trips.

The tips below will take you from being an amateur to an expert at packing and moving a truck.

Get the right packing materials

Make sure you have all of the packing materials you'll need before you start loading the moving vehicle. You may need moving materials like thick cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, blankets, or even moving tape.

These moving materials will ensure that your possessions are not damaged if they move about during transportation.

Moving materials like moving blankets can help by filling up the spaces between your boxes and other items to prevent damage during transport. There are a few more essentials you must have when packing, including a mattress bag to protect your mattress.

Get the appropriate rental truck size

To pack a moving truck correctly, you must pick the right size. All truck rental services provide a range of trucks of different sizes. You have to select a truck that can hold all your cargo.

When you rent a truck that is smaller than you need, moving will be more stressful and time-consuming for you.

Carefully reading the truck rental company's size standards can help you select the optimal vehicle size for your upcoming relocation. You can also contact a truck rental service for advice on what size truck will suit your needs.

Position furniture so that it is upright

When furniture like sofas is placed horizontally in a truck, it will take up more space. An excellent way to remedy this is to position all furniture in an upright/standing position.

This way, you get to maximize space in your truck.

Additional safeguards, like padding and protection, should be placed around these pieces of furniture. You can use bubble wrap or a moving blanket to prevent your fragile belongings from breaking.

Pack your bulkiest possessions first

Make sure you pack your bulkiest possessions first. Your bulkiest possessions may include mattresses, freezers, etc.

The best place to place these items in the truck is close to the driver’s compartment. You can also put them at the bottom of the truck to prevent other fragile things and boxes from being crushed by them.

Pack your lightweight possessions last

Put the lightest objects in last after you load your heaviest items. Before being placed onto the truck, fragile items like pictures, mirrors, and televisions need suitable protection.

Lighter goods should be loaded on top of heavier furniture and appliances to prevent them from being crushed.

Lastly, place your overnight bag and moving day necessities in an easily accessible place in the truck.

And if you’d rather have a professional handle it from start to finish, request a quote to get started.


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