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Unpacking Tips for a New Home

Moving to a new home is different for everyone. For some people, packing is considered a hectic labor, while unpacking, on the other hand, can be exhilarating and fun.

On the other hand, it is the reverse for others, who dread the moment the moving vans drop off the furniture and boxes containing other household items at the house. Unpacking doesn’t have to be dreaded, tedious and hectic, so here are some stress-free tips on unpacking.

Pack what you need

The key to a stress-free unpacking is sorting your stuff into categories based on what you need, what you want to sell or donate, and what you need to throw away. Sorting your items based on these categories will make unpacking go smoothly.

Putting only the items you need in a box saves you the stress of searching through a load of things you neither need nor can use.

Use an inventory

The best moves begin with a well-organized and comprehensive plan, so always pack in labeled boxes, and do the labeling according to numbers, colors, or what room each item in a box goes to.

Whichever method you choose, stick to it and remain consistent to avoid mix-ups. Create an inventory sheet that lists items corresponding to its title on the boxes.

You can either use the inventory list provided by your moving company or the inventory you drafted to keep track of your belongings before moving.

Take photos before packing

Endeavor to take photos of every room in the house before you start packing, then label each photo according to the rooms and where those items in the images can go.

Having these photos helps give a clear picture of how to group and provides inspiration on how to decorate and place each item when unpacking. That way, the new home feels familiar, like the former home.

Start with the kitchen

Always start with the kitchen, as it often contains the most items and is likely to stress you the most. After you finish with the other parts of the house, you can return to get the kitchen fixed and organized to your taste.

Suppose you are not so tired and have time to unpack and fix the kitchen completely; start with the stuff you need first, like pans and pots, and get the small appliances that will make your life easier, like coffee machines and the toaster.

Do the utility spaces last

Utility areas like the garage or basement won’t necessarily contain any essentials. Ensure that you prepare the space before unpacking equipment, like storage containers and shelving units. Additional items for areas like the deck and patio can be unpacked later when you have less to deal with.

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