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5 Essential Reasons to Work With a Local Moving Company

Whether you are relocating your retail business or moving homes in Colorado, there are compelling reasons to work with a local moving company.

When relocating, the average person searches for a moving company on Google. With the overwhelming result, they mostly end up hiring a national moving chain.

Here are reasons why hiring a local mover is the better choice!

Local knowledge of the area

There’s no doubt that local movers have more extensive knowledge of the area than giant moving companies. They know the area like the back of their hands, including traffic patterns, estimated travel time, the best route for safety reasons, and other challenges unique to Colorado.

Whether you are moving in Firestone, Jefferson, Louisville, or other areas in Colorado, a local mover can utilize their knowledge to plan and execute a hitch-free move.

Excellent customer service

The bulk of customers local moving companies get are referrals from previous clients. That means local movers cannot afford to tarnish their reputation by providing shoddy moving services.

Even when mistakes happen, which is rare if you work with a top moving company, a local mover will go all the way to make amends. That’s because their success hinges on maintaining an excellent reputation.

On the other hand, a giant moving company thrives on its “national” brand and will care less about the experience of a single customer in a far-away city. So rest assured, a local mover will treat your move with dedication, care, and attention.

Personalized service

A local moving company is owned, managed, and run by people living in the same community as you do. You shop at the same retail store, and your kids probably attend the same school.

The personal connection means you’re not just another client but also a neighbor. As a result, you can ask them questions directly, express concerns, and make last-minute adjustments, enabling you to get a more detailed, customized moving plan.

Affordable pricing

Working with a local moving company also enables you to save more money. “How?” You may ask. Local movers have lower overhead costs, with fewer employees and trucks in their fleet.

So they won’t charge as much as national moving companies, allowing them to pass on the savings to you. Local companies are also more likely to give appropriate and accurate moving cost estimates as they may be able to visit the site.

Faster scheduling

Moving on a short notice? You would be better off hiring a local moving company. Compared to a giant company servicing clients all over the country, local movers have a smaller customer base and can schedule your move more quickly. They will pack, move, and even store your belongings on short notice.

Let Colorado’s best moving company make your move stress-free

At Klatt Moving, we are all about providing our community members with hassle-free moving services.

Whether you are downsizing your home or moving office anywhere in Boulder, Denver, and surrounding areas, we’ll take the stress out of your move so you can focus on enjoying the next chapter of your life. Get a free quote today.


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