Easy Moving Checklist

Before the Move

Make a list of all the things that you are going to need the first couple nights in the new place. Don’t get stuck digging to the bottom of boxes for your toothbrush!

Schedule your days off for the move, be sure to give yourself plenty of time!

Get your rental truck scheduled and confirmed. Double, even triple check, this is vital!

Get rid of old junk. The less you have to move on the big day, the better!

Cancel Utilities and get your ducks in a row, forward medical records, arrange childcare/petcare and anything else you can take care of ahead of time.


Moving Day!

Take notes on what inventory is loaded up into the truck, then double check when the boxes are being delivered.

Draw up a map for where boxes should be dropped off for the movers. This way everything ends up in the correct rooms without you having to direct everything.

Do a final walkthrough of the old house and double check that everything is in order and cleaned up. Don’t leave any doors unlocked or plates in the cupboards.


After the Move

Unpack!  Enjoy your new place, you’ve earned it!

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