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Packing Tips for Moving


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What Customers Are Saying About Klatt Moving

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"Klatt handled an office move for us in mid-January and it could not have gone better! From the first contact I made, to when the crew was done and ready to leave, everything went smoothly. Ralph, Jeremy and the entire crew were such a pleasure to work with. Organized, thoughtful, my opinion, don't go big...go local with Klatt."

Sharon G.

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"It was snowing and cold. They sent 6 movers and 2 trucks. The movers were nice, professional and hard working. I received great care and the price was reasonable. Everything arrived in perfect shape. I highly recommend them."

Kisa H.

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"These guys were amazing. No damage, very quick and safe. Reasonably priced and for a family under so much stress, they took it all off our backs and used theirs. KLATT took care of it all. Thank you so so much. What a huge burden taken from us. I would do it again in a heartbeat."

Kellie R.

Trusted Movers in Denver, CO

Moving across the country or to another neighborhood could be an exciting experience for you. But changing your environment does not have to be tasking or stressful.

Moving is necessary at some point or the other in life. For some people, it is a continuous thing. It can be exhausting, tiring, and not necessarily fun. But whether or not it occurs rarely or often, it is always important to make plans for a smooth packing and moving process. This results in a positive outcome and reduces the chances of ruining your moving experience.

Are you thinking of how best to plan your move? Here are tips to make packing and moving seamless!

#1. Pack weeks or months before moving

This method helps to do away with unnecessary items which may not be useful to you. Letting go of such things gradually over a long period helps declutter space for your new place and reduce the number of items you also need to pack when you are finally moving.

It would be an advantage to know about a move long before it happens to enable you to organize, make plans, and get rid of off-season items.

#2. Create a folder for moving.

This should include addresses, contacts, receipts regarding moving, and other things as crucial as moving. This kind of folder helps you list things in order of priority and provides answers to questions you may need when planning to move. It may be preferable to make a hard copy kind of folder rather than digital to avoid a situation where gadgets' batteries die during the long move.

#3. Invest in good equipment.

It would be good to make plans to stock up on supplies a week or a few days before the day you move. It would be almost an impossible task to have to go shopping while packing bags and boxes.

Equipment like box cutters, markers, adhesive tapes, packing tapes, garbage bags, and paper towels are useful during and after moving.

A moving service will most definitely have all the necessary tools, but you may want to have them if you are moving by yourself.

#4. Hire or use a truck with a loader.

If you are handling logistics on your own, you would need a truck that has a ramp. You may conclude that it is cheaper to rent a truck without this feature, but it would only lead to sore muscles and arms from lifting so much weight in the long run. It is also time-consuming as you would have to lift every piece of furniture, bag, or box separately and arrange them properly in the truck.

#5. Make early reservations.

It is advisable to book moving services on-time and also confirm a specific date for moving. Other services you may need to make future reservations for are rentals, hiring professional painters, cleaners, and plumbers to do some work at the new place.

Not booking on time may lead to paying huge charges or fees to get these services at the last minute. This is why it is good to book ahead of time!

#6. Schedule utilities ahead for your new house.

After finalizing dates for moving, it would be wise to contact utility providers and organize comprehensive servicing for your new place if need be. No one wants to arrive at a location tired from moving, only to realize that necessities like water, heater, or electricity are not working.

Scheduling before time and jotting them in your special moving folder will help save you from the stress of moving into an unprepared place.

Looking to relocate? Contact us today at Klatt Moving and let us do the worrying for you!

Denver, CO Moving Services

Local Moving in Colorado

Whether you are moving to Longmont, Boulder, or another city in Colorado, the Klatt Moving & Storage team can assist you. Colorado is known for its extraordinary beauty, scenic landscapes, and beautiful homes. From packing to storage, and the haul to your new home, we handle everything so you can enjoy your new home. 

Long-Distance Moving

At Klatt Moving & Storage, not only do we specialize in local moves, but we also provide moving services for those moving across the country. We understand the importance of working with a professional moving team for a move across the country. Our moving staff takes every measure to ensure that your valuables are transported safely to your new home. 

Packing & Unpacking Service

Packing and unpacking can take time. With many different items, it can be challenging to sort through everything on your own. Klatt Moving & Storage provides packing and unpacking services for the utmost convenience. From clothing to artwork, electronics, furniture, and more, we have the experience to make the transition smooth. 

Business & Office Movers

Your business is your livelihood and one of the most significant investments you will make in a lifetime. At Klatt Moving & Storage, our professionals can help you make moving your business easy. Whether you need to move computers, furniture, tools, or other electronics, our staff can handle the task. 

Packing & Moving Supplies

Our team consists of packing specialists trained to correctly pack your items, from clothes to furniture, fragile keepsakes, and more. You choose the level of packing you need help with, and we are there to assist you. We offer reasonably priced boxes and moving supplies such as tape, paper and can supply the packages you need and help you pack your belongings. 

Short & Long-Term Storage

Whether you only need storage options for a few days or a few months, Klatt Moving & Storage can accommodate your needs.  Our warehouse is clean and dry, organized, and climate-controlled. Storage is an integral component of moving, and we ensure your items are safe in our warehouse and there for you when you need them. 

Klatt Moving & Storage serves all of Colorado including:

Berthoud, CO
Firestone, CO
Jefferson County, CO
Larimer, CO
Louisville, CO
Dacono, CO
Erie, CO
Lafayette, CO
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